Villages GPS App Reviews

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Wonderful! Great help for new and established Villagers. The customer service is the best Ive ever experienced. Well worth the small app fee. Try it...youll like it :o)

The best app ever!!

This app you can tell the work that was put into it to help us villagers get around. Dont be fooled by imitators as this is the real deal and well worth the $4.99 price tag!! No brainer purchase.. Thank you!!

Gail Robinson

Great app for anyone who lives or visits The Villages, FL. Our main mode of transportation is in a golf cart along the many miles of recreation trails. This app not only gives you correct directions, but has all of the pertinent information anyone would need about restaurants, grocery, gas, retail, fast food, rec centers, country clubs and golf courses! Highly recommend for The Villager!! It is wonderful and easy to use.

Not Usable. Save your money

Tried over and over and want my money back! It is totally inaccurate and useless. This should not have been allowed to be released until accurate and tested.

How about a FREE solution!

Just download Google Maps (free), enter your destination, and switch from AUTO to BICYCLE mode… the route will be the golf cart paths (recreational trails) in The Villages. If you don’t know about this, Google it… or ask Daily Sun for a copy of the article about it!

What a scam!

I paid $5 and the app will not open. The icon is on my home screen and repeatedly I tried to use it; it shuts down every time. I have plenty of storage and the necessary operating system on my IPhone 5. Who do I contact for a refund?

App Confusing

Directions were confusing. It would direct you slight right or left without distance. Would not update current location re routed. Need to fine tune the app.

Does not open .. Downloaded but when I try to open it shuts right down.. Would like my 5.00 back.

Does not open want my 5.00 back.,

The villages gps

Worked ok for a while. Now opens and closes Immediately.

Doesnt work anymore after updating

I just updated the app and now it wont open. Hope it gets fixed soon. $5 is kind of expensive for an iPhone app (especially when it doesnt work!) It was great while it worked. Will re-rate if and when it is fixed.

Not That Great

Cant even find Winn Dixie or Publix. Search is almost useless showing wildwood and other places not near. A waste of your Money


New to the Villages, Downloaded the Village GPS, it was very easy to use. Clear and accurate.made for great a experience . Kudos to the Village Gps staff.

Save your money!

This app is terrible. Not only very slow, but not the best routing for carts. Directions are vague: "go toward (street name)" when its a small neighborhood street not shown on map, or on the list of turns, it says turn left or right, but not WHERE or in what distance. No help at all. Major improvements needed for this app, which has the potential for great use in The Villages. After I wrote this original review, I tried this app for car travel. That part of the app works decently, but my whole reason for ordering was for cart use. And that fails miserably. I dont know why there is such a difference in the car and cart parts of this app, but when in cart mode the location device is about 30 seconds behind time. Very annoying. Please FIX this app so it is useful!

Great app, thanks to major revisions

Last year I gave this app a "not good" rating. The developers did a major revision and now it works great and I give it an excellent rating. I particularly like and use the cart path map. The voice dialog is not perfect, but okay. So, if you are trying to get around The Villages, it is excellent.

Always being improved!

The new SPEED feature is a very handy addition, especially when being used in a golf cart. Eliminates the need for the addition of a costly addition of a speedometer or using a separate app to monitor your speed. These old eyes would appreciate if it was a bit larger, but it works great. Regular updates are great for an area that’s constantly expanding like The Villages. Until build out is complete it will never be 100% current, but considering how many updates have been pushed out since it was originally released, the developer does a good job of trying to keep up to date.

The Villages: Do not purchase!

I was expecting this app to be very helpful and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, I get lost in my golf cart while following the map. It is unclear, unreliable and confusing!! What a waste of $5!!

Great support

I just moved here so my address wasnt on any GPS system the support staff helped me for a couple days back-and-forth trying to pinpoint where my house is so the app would work properly for me they were great.

Wrong directions

Still has major bugs. Directions from my home north of CR 466 crossing at Southern Trace/Tall Trees by golf cart to golf courses south of CR 466.

Great APP & Good Suuport Communications

This APP continously addresses the changes of The Villages, which generates APP updates as needed. Nice to be able to communicate with the back room that listens to their customers and proceeds to help and makes the necessary changes as The Villages continues to expand. Well worth the cost for sure.

Needs a lot of work

This app is potentially quite useful but is still in the beta version. They shouldnt charge $5 for an app that is basically being tested. We as users are providing valuable info, dont charge us yet. The dark blue line mapping out the route makes it impossible to read street names. Also, there are no step-by-step instructions and there is a very annoying spontaneous snap to zoom out and orient north when you are trying to zoom in to see where you are. The most useful thing here would be to actually get a route that follows the golf cart trails- yet the paths and turns are very difficult to view. Needs a ton of work!

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